Nov. 5th, 2012

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We got up early this morning to try and catch the dry patch before the scheduled rain at 10:30. We'll, we got up early, but didn't really leave the house that early... oh well!

We headed out to 95.2 which is on a hill so in theory should be a bit quicker drying. I really didn't get that psyched tbh, ended up completing a 4 as a warm up and having a few goes on a 6a, but we couldn't get up it.

Eventually the rain came right on time so we headed off. We decided to pop into Milly-la-ForĂȘt and got some awesome coffee in the bar on the square we always go into and then bought pastries. We got and scoffed some florentines which were mega tasty and a tiny mousycake thing that Rowan and I shared. Chocolated out!

Spend the evening packing for home trip tomorrow!
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Up a little later than usual as we diddn't need to be out of the gite till. Finished up packing and had Rowan made eggs on toast.

The road was easy going really. It was pretty wet, meaning there was zero chance of any climbing in the morning, but meant we got to the Eurotunnel about 5 hours early. This didn't phase them though and we got on the next train back.

We got back to Rowan's place at 6pm, meaning it had taken us 9 hours which seemed ok. We decided that rather than veg on the sofa, we'd go out and do something.

After a bunch of browsing around, we decided to go and see some live comedy and ended up going to the Hen and Chickens to see Chris Stokes and Katherine Ryan. I've never seen any live comedy before ad we ended up on the front table, right in the middle which seemed to be ripe for being picked on. Didn't really happen though!

It was ok! Enjoyed it. A lot of the jokes were paeodo related though. I guess that's how it rolls!
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This is supposed to be about good things, so I won't comment on the fucker of a train journey home from Bristol....

Uum. Got home to find a beer left for me by [ profile] lilith_k as she was up in Newcastle.

She'd also left most of a lasagne in the fridge. That was microwaved swiftly and gobbled even faster!

Uuuum. My shower is awesome? And so is my bed?


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