Oct. 30th, 2012

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First day in Fontainelbleau since September last year.  It's cold!   Got up at 7:30 to a really clear day with a good frost on the ground, but amazingly it's dry.

A speedy breakfast of eggs on toast and then on to Franchard Cuisiniere for the first rock of the holiday.  Managed a couple of reds which were 5s but struggled a bit due to my shoes really hurting my right foot.

Still, it was good.  I managed a bunch of climbs which were considerably more thuggy that I usually do.  One of those were a 5c I think.
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Aaahh.. today we went to 91.1 and Cul de Chien.  (Yes, Dog's ass.  I've no idea).   I hadn't realised that a lot of the areas were really close together.   I didn't feel all that strong initially, especially when starting on some hideous polished slab with tiny finger shredding crimps on but I soon warmed up.  After the slab there was a good thuggy climb which was dispatched quickly and then a Jingo Wobbly 6a (aka a 5) which was again done pretty easily.

We climbed with Lorriane and Jim a bit, doing a couple more red routes, each requiring more thug and footwork than I'm usually capable of.  After a while I realised that i was far past lunch time so I wandered over to Cul de Chien where Rowan was working a project, with the rillet and camembert in his bag. 

So, Presse Citrone was Rowan's project, a rather meaty looking 6a.   I was done, my feet hurt and i wanted some food, but you know Fontainebleau rock, you just can't not get on it again!  5 attempts later and I was up!  YES!     It's a fantastic climb, quite strong and intimidating and needs a bit of thought :D

Got back to the gite via a supermarket  so our evening also included a bunch of beer, red wine, a chicken stirfry and the cooking of a rabbit stew for the next day....
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Day three of climbing. Also the first day up after the night where we got some alcohol. Aaand we'd decided to make it an early one too..
Breakfast of porridge, and then 2 eggs on toast and then on the road to Bas Cuvier

I'm often a little nervous of Cuvier. It is the closest area to main Fontainebleau (i think) so gets a lot of travel. This means most things I can pull onto are really polished

After a hard morning where my left arm started to give up on red number 4 (needed a really high right foot off two bad sloper holds) we made our way over to Marie-Rose
Almost of queue from Jim I repeated it for his camera and then went on to do 3 more 6as. AWESOME :D

Other good stuff? We got a team ascend on one problem which was great, especially as it involved about another 10 super good climbers yelling and cheering Rowan on as he completed the set.

Back to the gite for dinner and the afore mentioned Rabbit stew. We cooked it yesterday and reheated it today. It was AMAZING, cooked with fresh green beans and a huge pile of potato mash (with their skins on)


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