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We got up early this morning to try and catch the dry patch before the scheduled rain at 10:30. We'll, we got up early, but didn't really leave the house that early... oh well!

We headed out to 95.2 which is on a hill so in theory should be a bit quicker drying. I really didn't get that psyched tbh, ended up completing a 4 as a warm up and having a few goes on a 6a, but we couldn't get up it.

Eventually the rain came right on time so we headed off. We decided to pop into Milly-la-ForĂȘt and got some awesome coffee in the bar on the square we always go into and then bought pastries. We got and scoffed some florentines which were mega tasty and a tiny mousycake thing that Rowan and I shared. Chocolated out!

Spend the evening packing for home trip tomorrow!
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Rain. No bouldering today.
However, this just meant we decided to go to the big Decathalon near Melun and shop. I found a duck down and feather duvet jacket for 44 euros. What?

And then when I took it to the check out it rung up as 32 euros! That's a duck down jacket for 25 quid!
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Today we went to Bas Cuvier again, specifically so Lorraine could complete La Nescafe, which, despite having a number of painful failures on yesterday (the little left hand pocket/chip is sooo painful to pull on), I completed rather easily! But alas! The video wasn't recording so I had to climb back down and do it again. Thankfully it wasn't a fluke, and I managed to repeat it.

While we had the video camera out, I repeated the Le Nez, which is a great climb before we headed of to Cuvier Rempart

We set up infront of L'Angle Allain which was a brilliant looking arrete. The first 5+ in Fontainebleau apparently, now upgraded to a 6a. I had a couple of goes on it and had to change into my new shoes which although extremely painful on my right foot (they have bruised one of my toenails :( ) have a really good edge which I could use on a tiny edge. Bang, done

Spent the rest of the day pottering around but not getting up anything. Far too tired!
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Day three of climbing. Also the first day up after the night where we got some alcohol. Aaand we'd decided to make it an early one too..
Breakfast of porridge, and then 2 eggs on toast and then on the road to Bas Cuvier

I'm often a little nervous of Cuvier. It is the closest area to main Fontainebleau (i think) so gets a lot of travel. This means most things I can pull onto are really polished

After a hard morning where my left arm started to give up on red number 4 (needed a really high right foot off two bad sloper holds) we made our way over to Marie-Rose
Almost of queue from Jim I repeated it for his camera and then went on to do 3 more 6as. AWESOME :D

Other good stuff? We got a team ascend on one problem which was great, especially as it involved about another 10 super good climbers yelling and cheering Rowan on as he completed the set.

Back to the gite for dinner and the afore mentioned Rabbit stew. We cooked it yesterday and reheated it today. It was AMAZING, cooked with fresh green beans and a huge pile of potato mash (with their skins on)
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Aaahh.. today we went to 91.1 and Cul de Chien.  (Yes, Dog's ass.  I've no idea).   I hadn't realised that a lot of the areas were really close together.   I didn't feel all that strong initially, especially when starting on some hideous polished slab with tiny finger shredding crimps on but I soon warmed up.  After the slab there was a good thuggy climb which was dispatched quickly and then a Jingo Wobbly 6a (aka a 5) which was again done pretty easily.

We climbed with Lorriane and Jim a bit, doing a couple more red routes, each requiring more thug and footwork than I'm usually capable of.  After a while I realised that i was far past lunch time so I wandered over to Cul de Chien where Rowan was working a project, with the rillet and camembert in his bag. 

So, Presse Citrone was Rowan's project, a rather meaty looking 6a.   I was done, my feet hurt and i wanted some food, but you know Fontainebleau rock, you just can't not get on it again!  5 attempts later and I was up!  YES!     It's a fantastic climb, quite strong and intimidating and needs a bit of thought :D

Got back to the gite via a supermarket  so our evening also included a bunch of beer, red wine, a chicken stirfry and the cooking of a rabbit stew for the next day....
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First day in Fontainelbleau since September last year.  It's cold!   Got up at 7:30 to a really clear day with a good frost on the ground, but amazingly it's dry.

A speedy breakfast of eggs on toast and then on to Franchard Cuisiniere for the first rock of the holiday.  Managed a couple of reds which were 5s but struggled a bit due to my shoes really hurting my right foot.

Still, it was good.  I managed a bunch of climbs which were considerably more thuggy that I usually do.  One of those were a 5c I think.
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Good things:  Sat in the chunnel blasting out Squid at  rather large volume while we went under the channel.
The road trip down to Fontainebleau was good too.  Lots of cheesy tunes andhardly any traffic at all.
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Last day at work! Was ok actually, and then headed to the train station for a peak time train down to Bristol.. The train was damn packed, but a reserved ticket meant I could righteously chuck the scrote out of my seat and have a smooth journey down. So, good stuff?  I stole <lj user="lilith_k">'s kindle and tried it out.  Pretty good actually....

Met Rowan at the train station and got a lift back to his.   Pasta bake for dinner, was great!

I as expecting to be crashing on a sofa, but he had a spare bed, that was a nice surprise...
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Final day of packing before holiday!

New Yellows were put up at the works. Managed 11 out of the 15 I tried. This is very nice :D
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[ profile] lilith_k bought season 3 of True Blood the other day and we settled down at the end of the day to watch the first episode. Yeah, I know we are miles behind.

I like True Blood. A great mix of violence, humor, gore and tits.

Which reminds me, we are well well well overdue a horror movie marathon day!
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Day Six
- Bought a couple of DLC tracks for Rocksmith today. Really not that good, but struggling to think of anything.

Day Seven
- um. Fanoosh is good? Nice Falafel and Feta wrap for lunch.
- [ profile] lilith_k made a cool pasta thing for dinner.

hmm It seems like the only good stuff I'm remembering is food? :/
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- Been listening to Thunder and Consolation. Never listened to NMA really before, but Green and Grey kept playing on and I liked it so hit it up via Spotify.
- Had a good evening playing Eve Online tonight. Killed 5 other players who were hanging around in our space. GEET OORF MY LAAAAND
- More Rocksmith tonight too. I can almost play the verses and Chorus of Muse's Unnatural Selection properly now.
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Missed it again.


Starting buying some stuff for my Font trip. Got a bodywarmer thing which looks perfect for quickly pulling on and off while stood around outside in France next week. Also it rolls up into it's own pocket and packs down small. Also found a new merano wool top base layer and a cheap roll up waterproof in Decathlon.

Not much else to report!
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er... better late than never..

- More food. Had a Calzone from Italian Express. Always really good. It was longer than my plate and comes with 2 little pots of bolognese sauce. Saucy!
- Rocky Balboa was on TV so I got to splodge on teh sofa and watch that. Cheesy Rocky as usual but it was fun
- Got my new Giffgaff sim, so I have a phone again after accidentally locking my sim out on Wednesday!
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umm. Today was actually pretty good. Had some high ups in from the mothership for most of the day while we talked about "regulatory stuff". OFCOM, Codes of Practice etc. Sounds really dull, but actually was quite interesting.

Lunch was a "Hallam Hot One" Wrap from the Bagel shop beside Orchard Square. Very awesome.

After work went to the Climbing Works and managed 6 of the new murples. That's 5 more than I was expecting from the new set.

Dinner afterwards was Chicken Fajitas. Yum!
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Why is it that sometimes a smell can come from nowhere, but feel like its come straight from your past. Something emotionally connected to something you just can't remember. Or perhaps it's just me with my crap memory. who knows. I just wish I could remember what that smell was.

[LJ2ME] Vhs

Aug. 8th, 2009 06:25 pm
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Does anyone still use Vhs.... we've dug out a load of videos that are about to be charity shopped, def lep vids, labyrinth, the crow, leon..
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Just in case you guys missed it, Dave has left The Way Of All Flesh. Bit more detail on This means we are looking for a singer quite urgently as we've a gig soon. A guest for this gig will do :D

Please spread this to anyone you know who might be able to help us out?

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Since I keep forgetting to charge my mp3 player, I've been playing with the podcasting app on my n95 and now I want more! What podcasts would you guys recommend? The memory card slot on my n95 is knackered so I can't really consume the large file size ones, but recommend them anyway.

Also, meme, stolen from lots of people:
If you were writing a singles ad for me, what would you write?
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